The Fight Against Viruses

Surface Cleaning
The Viruses will survive longer on surfaces that contain biofilm or organic pollution. By cleaning with PROBILIFE PIP, surfaces will remain free of organic pollution for longer, and the probiotics will continue to keep cleaning surfaces for days. This can significantly reduce the risk of infection from surfaces.

Hand Hygiene
Hands are the most effective way of spreading the Virus’. By cleaning your hands regularly with PROBILIFE PIP Hand Wash or application of PIP Hand Gel you will create a healthy and safe micro-biome on the skin that will reduce the risk of infection for longer.

Indoor Hygiene
It is not possible to clean all surfaces and textile materials. PROBILIFE has developed SYNBIO AIR to cover all surfaces with beneficial microflora to help reduce the risk of infection (SYNBIO AIR has passed the official OECD403 tests).

Research published in October 2019 in the Journal of Virology found that Peptidoglycan (PG) associated surfactin, produced by Bacillus Subtilis, reduced severe acute respiratory syndrome Corona Virus (Sars-CoV) or Middle East Respiratory syndrome (Mers-CoV)  by >10 000 fold