We are redefining hygiene with topical probiotics

Probiotics is the innovative combination of science and nature.

We are redefining hygiene with topical probiotics

Nature’s powerful answer to personal care. Probiotics is the innovative combination of science and nature.

Innovative Probiotic Solutions

Research and development are what drives PROBILIFE, and what enables our sustainable development in order to continue to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.

PROBILIFE is dedicated to producing innovative, research-based products for improving hygiene for humans, animals, and the environment.

Environmentally beneficial and green

Scientifically proven to improve hygiene

100% Natural

Maintains healthy, stable microbiom

Not genetically modified

All products meet the EU Ecolable critera

Where We Work

Personal Care


Animal Hygiene

Health Care

Water Treatment

Air Quality

Our Partners

PROBILIFE is partnered with PRUEX, the global market leaders in
topical probiotics and animal hygiene that are safe, sustainable and efficient.

PRUEX is UK based and helps farmers find the source of infections on farms and helps them change hygiene and husbandry strategies to limit the introduction of infection and reduce infection pressure.


Knowledge Centre

The Human Microbiome

It is estimated that within 30 years Anti Microbial Resistance will kill more people than cancer. As a result new alternative methods are...

Unbeatable Confidence

Our probiotics and synbiotics meet the following criteria:

The leading US certifier of organic, gluten free and grass-fed products.

All probiotics used belong to ATCC safety class 1 which is the highest level of safety

The probiotics and prebiotics used are 100% natural, not genetically modified (non-GMO).

The probiotics and prebiotics are listed on the list of safe ingredients of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) for processing in food.

Food safe according to the American FDA
(GRAS status)

Passed the following OECD safety tests:
• OECD 403 Inhalation toxicity
• OECD 404 Acute skin irritation/corrosion
• OECD 405 Acute eye irritation/corrosion
• OECD 406 Skin sensation

Our products meet the EU Ecolabel criteria

The probiotics and prebiotics meet the criteria for use in cosmetics.