Air Treatment

Probilife’s Synbio® Air treatment is state-of-the-art, revolutionary technology. We have created ultra wave technology which generates minuscule synbiotically charged water particles into a fine mist that is distributed through entire areas. These particles settle onto surfaces forming a healthy microflora that biologically cleans surfaces and eliminates harmful bacteria. This results in less odours, less allergies, less organic pollution, and less risk of germs.

Probilife has dedicated an enormous amount of time, research, and development in this technology to ensure its efficacy and safety. All the Probilife’s Synbio® products have met the most stringent tests.

They have passed the ATCC Safety Class1, European Food Safety Approval (EFSA), US FDA (GRAS Study) Approval, CECD Approval (OECD 403, OECD 404, OECD 405, OECD 406) Probilife’s Synbio® has been approved for use in cosmetics and in hospitals.